Tolerant Leftist Student Destroys Pro-Life Display

A video of a Texas State University student screaming profanities at a pro-life demonstrator while destroying the demonstrator’s signs has now gone viral and has led to a criminal investigation against the student. This tolerant leftist has simply had enough of people coming onto public spaces and saying that we should ban murder, and he therefore thinks his actions are justified.

So let’s examine exactly how wrong he is.

First, it is a shame that this article will be perhaps the only article that will point out that it is the tolerant leftists that are destroying people’s property all the while advocating for keeping murder against unborn babies legal. The blatant hypocrisy of being allegedly tolerant of other viewpoints while acting in such a way is richer than Elon Musk.

The left claims to have a moral high ground by claiming that they are accepting and loving to those with differing ideas or lifestyles than them. Coming from one who has seen this video and has even been spit on for wearing a Rand Paul shirt, I will be the first to say that this is a blatant lie.

The truth is, the left is an intolerant set of ideologies that will combat anything with which they disagree, with the barrel of a gun, the edge of a sword, or a fist. This incident in which a pro-murder student destroys a pro-life demonstrator’s property is only one of the numerous violent incidents leftists have committed against libertarians and conservatives. I honestly don’t understand why people are surprised by this. Incidents like this happen on a daily basis.

Another irony of this situation is that the leftist is violating a man’s right to speak freely in a public campus. This predicament would not have occurred in a libertarian social order. Ultimately, libertarians advocate for the privatization of everything. Were this a private campus, one would be able to trace legitimate ownership to an individual or group of people. And therefore if this property belonged to the pro-murder student, he would be legitimate in removing the pro-life demonstrator and his signs from his property.

But since the left has so vehemently fought for the expansion of the commons, freedom of speech is a necessity within those commons. By advocating for public university, this student is struck by the double-edged sword of not having any legally legitimate means to silent this dissenting opinion.

It’s time for the left to face the fact that they can’t have everything they want. If they don’t want to hear dissenting opinions, they have to support private property. But if they want to expand the commons, they have to support dissenting opinions.

Ultimately, if someone has no respect for property rights, how do you expect them to have respect for life itself? The leftist child’s views on abortion are quite clear to anyone that watches this video; but what about his (or maybe xis if we’re trying to be progressive to other-kin third-gendered individuals) views on property? He likely supports violating property rights just as much as he supports killing unborn babies. This person decided to destroy the private property of an individual that is expressing his views on a public college campus. What he did was illegal, and if I had done this to a leftist demonstrator, I would be buried under my university, period.