An Open Letter to President Trump: Put America First and Stay Out of Syria

Image source: Infowars

Dear President Trump,

Just as I began to lose faith in the Republican Party as a vehicle by which we could take our country back, a renegade billionaire entered the scene. I was highly skeptical of his sincerity at first, but I quickly realized the war that was happening and joined sides accordingly.

The Republican Party, as you well know, has been almost entirely taken over by the globalists and the neocons. In their eyes, every tragedy or tumultuous event, whether it affects Americans directly or not, is justification for military intervention.

When I heard you utter the phrase, “America First,” I was overcome with excitement.  Finally, we would have a leader who put the interests of the American people first. Your promises to end nation-building, to defeat our enemies, and to pull out or renegotiate trade deals that did not benefit the United States were all taken seriously.  Thus far, you have kept and are attempting to keep those promises.  You pulled us out of the disastrous trade deal known as the TPP.  You are actively working to deregulate the American economy and release the greatest engine for economic change the world has ever seen, the American free-market. Confidence among small business owners is exploding. Despite the barrage of attacks from the media, the American people love you for holding your ground.  Your ability to battle with the press and win is a never-ending source of entertainment for those of us who realize they are completely dishonest.

Mr. President, as I stated above, you campaigned on a promise to put America First. Putting America First requires not only a pro-America policy domestically but in the international arena as well.  Your public statements over the years have led me to believe that you understand this.  Not only did you oppose the Iraq War, but you opposed it on the premise that it was not in the interest of the American people to overthrow a foreign leader.  You correctly criticized Hillary for her warmongering and inability to maintain even a remote semblance of peace during her reign of terror as Secretary of State. In 2013, and most relevant to the point of why I am writing this, you sternly warned the previous administration to not attack Syria.  Taking the America First viewpoint on the subject, you courageously told the world that, “From that fight the U.S. gets nothing.”

Four years later, we find ourselves in an identical situation.  Allegedly, President Assad unleashed chemical weapons on the Syrian people. Never mind the fact that Assad was winning the war, the United States, under your administration, recently announced that ousting Assad would no longer be considered a priority, and peace talks were forthcoming, let us assume that despite the complete lack of a logical motivation the Syrian president decided to turn the world against him by attacking his own people.  Even if this were the case, Mr. President, why would it be in the interest of the American people to intervene? As you stated previously, we stand to gain nothing from this conflict and risk losing much more by getting embroiled even further in a war that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands already. Sir, you campaigned on a promise to put America First. You have consistently posited that you are not interested in being the president of the world but rather the President of the United States.

I voted for you to cut taxes. I voted for you to deregulate our economy. I voted for you to stop the movement towards global governance and restore our sovereignty. Most importantly, I voted for you to keep us out of the wars that Hillary was ever so eager to wage.  Mr. President, the American people do not want another war. We cannot afford another war. I urge you to reconsider taking further action in Syria.

From a passionate supporter,

Chad Forsythe