Without Property Rights, We Would Be Living in the Stone Age

Image: 230 FIFTH

The common thread that is at the core of ALL leftist socio-economic philosophy, is that EXCLUSION is aggression. This is ethics turned UPSIDE DOWN. To exclude someone is to say *NO*.

We live in a world of all around scarcity. This means there’s going to be competition for scarce rivalrous resources. Invariably, some people, through hard work, talent, ability and intelligence, will have more, and some will have less. But also, conflicts are inevitable as a result of vying for the same stuff.

However conflicts are a huge drain on time, energy and resources. So property rights have been developed over time to mitigate these inevitable disputes peacefully. There’s nothing really special about property rights.. except that we would still be in the stone age without them.

Property rights, put simply, is the universally recognized *right* to exclude (or include) others from your person or land, resources, and other possessions. That’s it. To call this act of exclusion an act of aggression is to undermine the entire concept of property rights, and thus undermining the very foundation that ethics are built on. The only way someone could believe such a thing is if they feel that they have some inherent right to what it is they’re being excluded from.

And in a society governed by property rights, those who believe they have some right to what others have established for themselves have no means of getting those resources without the use of violence. But this kind of violent parasitism is mitigated relatively easily through the legal system. This leaves leftists with no other alternative to gain access to other people’s stuff, other than manipulation of the legal system.