Trump’s EPA Chief Questions if EPA Should Have Authority to Regulate CO2

HOUSTON, TX – Earlier today at CERAWeek, an international gathering of leaders in the energy industry, Donald Trump’s pick for Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Scott Pruitt told the media that he didn’t believe carbon dioxide (CO2) was a leading contributor to climate change, and furthermore questioned the EPA’s legal authority to regulate it.

Pruitt has previously expressed his concerns about global climate change and how he believed that, to a degree, human activity has had an impact. At the same time, Pruitt also expressed that the EPA’s power should be limited to the activities explicitly authorized by congress.

Pruitt has been known to wage several lawsuits against the agency in the past, most recently suing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan this past June.

Protesting Trump’s cabinet picks has become a fashion to the loud millennial left, and Pruitt’s quote on carbon emissions today is surely to be only one of several points they will use against him. However, what is more important, is that we are beginning to see the shift in the status quo. Questioning carbon’s role in global climate change was considered heresy just 5 years ago, but it is now the opinion of the lead administrator of the EPA. It is hard to anticipate what will come next, but I, for one, am hopeful.

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