How President Trump Can Cement His Legacy

Judging President Trump’s performance thus far, anyone within the liberty movement capable of looking outside of the biased lens presented by the mainstream media (and the Libertarian Party for that matter) must conclude that he has taken multiple actions deserving of applause.

Within days of being in office, the maverick billionaire withdrew the United States from the globalist trade deal known as the TPP. It is worth noting that the Libertarian Party candidates promoted it. He instituted a federal hiring freeze alongside a plan to reduce the federal workforce. He instituted what came to be known as the “one in, two out” executive order that calls for federal agencies to eliminate two existing regulations for each new regulation created.

President Trump has also notably left hundreds of government jobs unfilled, and this writer remains hopeful that they will not be filled and instead the positions be eliminated entirely. While these and many other actions taken by the Trump administration deserve our praise, it is important that we hold him accountable and offer criticism when necessary.

On foreign policy particularly, Trump has yet to offer a radical change from the previous administration. The drone strikes continue, and according to some reports have increased significantly. The America First foreign policy pushed by the Trump administration is what led many libertarians, this author included, to promote his candidacy over that of the third party alternatives.

Defeating ISIS is not necessarily an immoral goal. The Islamic State has declared war on the United States, and therefore military action against a declared enemy is simply self-defense. This should not be opposed. What should be opposed, however, is any military action taken that is not in the defense of the United States. President Trump campaigned on a platform of ending nation-building and scaling back America’s military presence overseas. It is important we hold his feet to the fire on this issue.

Donald Trump has the potential to go down in history as one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. In many ways, he is off to a wonderful start. As libertarians continue to praise what Bannon referred to as, “the deconstruction of the administrative state,” we must also offer proper criticism when necessary. Mr. Trump, you have the opportunity to cement your legacy as a truly great leader. Defeat ISIS, end the unnecessary wars, and bring our troops home.