Liberty Hangout Affiliate Plans to Film Europe’s Refugee Crisis for American Audiences

Former Senate Candidate Plans to Film Europe’s Decline

by I, AnCap

Augustus Invictus, who rose to prominence during his 2016 senate bid, now plans to campaign for a different cause. Prior to 2017, Invictus set out to fight all three major political establishments in American politics.

Make no mistake, Invictus still plans to stick it to the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian party establishments of America. However, the former lawyer now plans to document a global corruption half a world away.

Come May 25th, he will travel to the heart of socialist Europe and expose the immigration epidemic. Invictus aptly names this project “Operation Leonidas” after the Spartan King who died defending his kingdom from the foreign Persian Empire.

His website, The Revolutionary Conservative (TRC), has teamed up with us at Liberty Hangout, Red Ice Radio, and Liberty Machine News to document the trip. Together, our media alliance seeks to expose the toxic effects of cultural Marxism and unchecked immigration. TRC established an Indiegogo campaign to help with funds and an advertisement elaborating on the project.

Above, Invictus explains the urgency of this campaign and why it must be completed. But we can’t complete this project ourselves. In return for your support TRC is prepared to offer perks and benefits. For instance, $25 will get you early HD access. For $40, you will get the previous perk and access to the raw footage, etc. The Indiegogo campaign can be found here.

The description reads as follows:

In this mission, Augustus Invictus will be visiting ten cities in Europe (which will remain undisclosed for security reasons). The trip will begin May the 25th 2017.

The project consists of three parts:

  • By creating episodes in the spirit of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation or Simon Schama’s History of Britain, by filming major landmarks of the visited cities and  access “no go zones”
  • By conducting a series of interviews and reporting it back to the United States as a Journalist
  • By compiling a total documentary at the end, tying together the journalistic segments and the episodes with an overarching narrative

How Will The Funds Help?

The funding will :

  • Cover travel fees for Augustus Invictus and crew
  • Cover production fees like professional equipment and assistance
  • Cover any expenses required to create a high quality multi video documentary series
  • Other fees including staff, security, etc

We at Liberty Hangout thank you for your assistance in this endeavor.

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IMAGE: Giannis Papanikos/AP

Chris Johncox

Chris is a writer, musician, video editor, film maker, graphic artist, and co-founder of the popular libertarian Facebook network, Being Libertarian. Despite since moving on from Being Libertarian, he has written for several other websites including Liberty Hangout, The Libertarian Republic, The Liberty Conservative. He has worked in the political industry as a campaign consultant and policy director for local campaigns in the Central Valley area of California.