It’s Time to Stop Pretending the Left Supports Free Speech

After leftists again ravaged the city of Berkeley, California yesterday to disrupt a pro-Trump rally, it is time to admit the obvious. Leftists do not support free speech.

Over the course of the last few years, the left has taken to the streets on dozens of occasions to protest, and used the monicker of “free speech” to justify their actions. But now that they are openly disparaging the concept, the gig is up. They can no longer pretend to be champions of free speech when they are actively fighting against it.

The left justified blocking traffic, burning police cars, and disrupting the peace under the guise of free speech, yet now hold up signs that read “hate speech is not free speech.” Or in the instance of this photo, they call hate speech murder.

Associated Press

They have adopted mob tactics and shutdown private events when they disagree with the speaker, and some have taken to assaulting those who dissent from the left. And yesterday, numerous brawls broke out in Berkeley, and a number of Trump supporters were beaten and pepper sprayed.

Maybe it’s time to admit that the “tolerant left” isn’t so tolerant after all. Maybe it’s time to admit they never actually cared about free speech. Maybe it’s time to admit that their only goal is to coerce us into submitting to their Marxist agenda.

Their tactics are getting exceedingly more radical, as they are desperate to regain political power. If the left ever regains control of the federal government again, our nation is truly doomed.

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