Feminists to Send Giant Vagina to Trump

Just when we think the malignant monsters of the Left couldn’t get any crazier, the #ReadMyLips Campaign has outdone themselves by designing a giant statue of a vagina, which they plan to stuff with letters from women, to send to President Trump.

Expressing their concerns about sexual assault, intersectionality, democracy, the objectification of women, and the right to kill their unborn children, The #ReadMyLips Campaign has teamed up with Mogul, a social media site that has segregated its services to only women, to send a “classy, classy, classy” message to the president.

Trump is expected to grab the pussy on April 22nd when the Campaign sends it to the White House. The campaign is hoping that Trump can see the humor in this, just as supporters attempt to have men fired over jokes. Again with the insane hypocrisy of the Left!

If in a hypothetical world, I sent a giant dildo, filled with concerns about male suicide rates, custody battles, murder victimhood, incarceration rates, and other men’s issues, to president Hillary Clinton (I shudder at the notion), I would be jailed for sexual assault in the ideal world of a feminist.

Feminists claim they are concerned about rape culture and men treating women like objects, so they choose to send the president, who will be a mysogynist in their minds no matter what he does, a giant statue of a vagina. These “women” have no respect for themselves. This is why no one takes feminism seriously anymore.