BREAKING: Obamacare Lite Vote Might Be Delayed

The long awaited vote on the Obamacare replacement bill may have to wait another day.

According to The Hill, “The House may delay its vote on the GOP’s ObamaCare replacement plan until Friday or next week.”

The vote was originally scheduled for today as a symbolic remembrance of the 7th anniversary of the passing of Obamacare. How ironic it would have been if Obamacare Lite was passed on the same day.

It is presently unclear if the bill has enough support to pass, but opposition to the bill continues to grow each day.

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) told reporters,

“I think the chances for getting the bill done after this week get smaller. They don’t go to zero. No such thing as never or impossible. But the chances of passing this bill get a lot lower after this week.”