#BasedStickman is Reportedly a Ron Paul Supporting Libertarian

Last weekend, Trump supporters and leftists clashed in Berkeley, California at the March for Trump rally. Brawls broke out, and a number of people were assaulted and pepper sprayed.

Among those assaulted was the libertarian Daniel Quillinan. Because Daniel was attacked by leftists the last time he ventured out into Berkeley, he showed up to this event wearing a helmet. But that did not stop Antifa from ripping it off and smashing his head.

As Daniel was pulled away by a mob of leftists, his friend Kyle Chapman stepped in to try to thwart off the hordes of Antifa. Whacking them with his flagpole, Kyle quickly became known on the Internet as the #BasedStickman, and the #AltKnight.

Daniel joined us on the Liberty Hangout Podcast this evening to chat about the incident, and his friendship with Kyle. The biggest uncertainty surrounding the mystery of #BasedStickman was what his political leanings are. So we asked Daniel, and he answered:

“I would say he’s very libertarian. Sort of mainstream libertarian, but old libertarian, you know, less ‘socially liberal’ and left leaning. He’s a big fan of Ron Paul.”

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