Arizona Bill Would Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender

As the tyranny of the federal government continues to rage out of control, more and more states are coming to realize that they have the 10th amendment in their arsenal to fight back. Despite it remaining illegal at the federal level, many states across the union have nullified federal marijuana laws and chosen to legalize it within their borders. And Trump’s immigration plans have prompted Democratic states to employ state nullification to refuse to enforce his proposals.

Now Arizona is seeking to leverage itself against the federal government in a way that will forever change the complexion of our economy.

According to the Ron Paul Institute:

“This Wednesday the Arizona Senate Finance and Rules Committees will consider legislation (HB 2014) officially defining gold, silver, and other precious metals as legal tender. The bill also exempts transactions in precious metals from state capital gains taxes, thus ensuring that people are not punished by the taxman for rejecting Federal Reserve notes in favor of gold or silver. Since inflation increases the value of precious metals, these taxes give the government one more way to profit from the Federal Reserve’s currency debasement.”

The Arizona state legislature has fought to pass similar bills in the past, but they are usually vetoed by the governor.

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