Why Secession is the Best Strategy for Liberty

Nationalism is superior to globalism when it comes to protecting individual liberty. However, nationalism taken too far leads to fascism or Nazism, which is national socialism.

Globalism leads to crap like the United Nations, and an eventual one-world government, which is the goal of globalists and open borders enthusiasts.

Ideally, nationalism, when controlled can create a strong nation that protects individual liberty, like the United States. However, our country has become increasingly globalized since imperialization began in the late 1800s. This is why decentralization of power is so important. If the United States federal government has supreme authority over, for example, the state government of Texas, then the idiots in Washington, DC can drag Texas into any conflict the United Nations deems necessary.

If Texas were to secede, or any other state, the citizens of Texas would immediately become more free, because the United States federal government would lose all power over Texas. No more mass surveillance, no more never-ending wars on ideologies, no more globalist perversion of our individual liberty. No more trampling over our property rights.

Inevitably, the new national government of Texas would go the same route as the United States government in the late 1800s, but it’s much easier to fight a smaller government than it is to fight a large one. We would be better equipt to defend our sovereignty from our government if we were to secede. We would be better able to control our government if we were to secede. And we would be more free if we were to secede.

This is why I support secession – not just for Texas, but for every state that desires freedom.