Why Anarcho-Communists are Worse than Statists

Why Anarcho-Communists are the World’s Worst People

by I, AnCap

Stalinists and Maoists (tankies, as they’re sometimes called) are open about what they are. They want a large, ineffective, burdensome government that controls ever part of your life and micro-manages your every activity. It is because of this, you can examine their philosophy and reject it accordingly.

Ancoms (or Anarcho-Communists), on the other hand, will deceive you into believing that they’re anarchists. They’ll lie about wanting “voluntary communism” when those terms are an oxymoron. They know, deep down, if they got their way, they’d have to bring their host with them. Every once in awhile, you’ll find an especially edgy liberal/democrat and even the occasional autistic libertarian join their ranks. After all, what would be more attractive than being able to do drugs in whoever’s house you wanted, and simultaneously getting to hate the police at the same time?

Since Ancoms are all drug-addled losers or mentally ill in some way, they can’t function or produce anything on their own. That is why, if they ever got their way, they’d soon realize they have nothing and no one besides other failures to leach off of.

Once they realize this, you can bet on them forming a “democratic council” to force everyone to participate in their failing system. That idea of “voluntary” communism is dead. They’d come up with all kinds of reasons for it, too. “Capitalism just can’t be allowed to exist. It causes too many problems in our marxist communes.” And just like that a government forms.

This is why Libertarians, AnCaps, reactionaries of all kinds, and anyone to the right of Elizabeth Warren should come together and focus our combined energy on stamping out Anarcho-Communism from the pages of history. Start with declaring AntiFa a terrorist group. Just as the Electoral College was created to prevent tyranny, it may be wise for them to be¬†disenfranchised and unable to use the state to eradicate property norms and implement communism. If they ever regain control of the state, we’re doomed.

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Chris Johncox

Chris is a writer, musician, video editor, film maker, graphic artist, and co-founder of the popular libertarian Facebook network, Being Libertarian. Despite since moving on from Being Libertarian, he has written for several other websites including Liberty Hangout, The Libertarian Republic, The Liberty Conservative. He has worked in the political industry as a campaign consultant and policy director for local campaigns in the Central Valley area of California.