Libertarians Who Side With Leftists Are Tools For Their Marxist Agenda

Libertarians often find themselves in a sad, perpetual dystopia of defeat, given the fact that our ideas remain largely unrepresented in the American political arena. This leads libertarians to splinter off and develop alliances with non-libertarians to work with them on common ground. Those who came from a conservative background tend to veer right, and those with liberal backgrounds go left.

Enter the current left vs. right libertarian debacle, a battleground that has housed perhaps the country’s most vicious and intriguing war. Though both sides identify as libertarians, there is seemingly no consensus about anything, besides the fact that we recognize that the government is bad. Both sides have entirely different means, and in some ways, different ends.

There are also a number of libertarians who are saddened by the left/right split in the libertarian movement, and seek to be peacekeepers. This leads them into strange alliances with both left libertarians, right libertarians, leftists, and conservatives.

In the end, it seems the majority of libertarians attempt at least some level of outreach or alliance with the left. And while their alliances are likely well intentioned, the results turn out to have the opposite effect.

Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party allocated their efforts into marketing towards disaffected Democrats, running around stating that “73% of what Bernie Sanders says, I agree with.” Johnson also took a number of stances opposite to libertarianism in an attempt to appeal to the left, saying Christian bakers should be forced to make gay wedding cakes, that freedom of religion is a black hole, that Bill ‘gun grabbing’ Weld is the ‘original libertarian,’ that Hillary Clinton is a “wonderful public servant,” and that he wouldn’t cut funding to Planned Parenthood. And his running mate Weld said that no one on a terrorist watch list should be able to purchase a firearm, and went out of his way to vouch for Hillary Clinton on national television.

Despite this blatant virtue signaling from the Libertarian ticket, leftists still blamed Johnson for Hillary’s loss, and still took to the streets to argue in favor of bigger government, in the wake of Trump’s victory. Not to mention that Bernie Sanders thought Johnson was a dangerous candidate and did not want his supporters voting for him, and leftist outlets continually bashed the Johnson/Weld ticket for not being in favor of a big enough government.

Furthermore, the growth of the alt-right prompted libertarians to begin allying with the left in an attempt to crush this new fringe movement. The alt-right are a bunch of fascists, they said, so we need to stand with those who stand in defiance to the alt-right to stamp them out, right?

Well as it turns out, it’s not the alt-right that keeps blocking traffic across every major city. It’s not the alt-right setting cars on fire. It’s not the alt-right smashing windows and damaging private property. It’s not the alt-right shutting down events because they disagree with what the speakers have to say. It’s not the alt-right assaulting people that voted for a candidate they don’t like. It’s not the alt-right holding up signs in the street saying “This Is War” and encouraging the ongoing violence against peaceful people.

That’s the left, the very people libertarians stand with in an attempt to stomp out fascism.

And the sad irony is that leftists see libertarians as their enemy as well, and will lump us in with the alt-right. They believe that anyone who is for less government than them is a fascist, and would gladly punch us all in the face if they had the opportunity to do so.

This is why any libertarian that sides with the left is just a tool for their Marxist agenda. You can march alongside them at Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Resist rallies all you want, but the moment you tell them your honest opinion on the minimum wage, healthcare, welfare, and education, they’ll ball up their hand into a fist and sucker punch you in the face as if you were no different than Richard Spencer.

The fact of the matter is that there is no crossroad to be made with the left. We can encourage Democratic states to secede so that we no longer have to be governed by their socialist policies, but that is about all we should stand with them on. All other efforts have been, and will continue to be futile.

An alliance with the left is a suicide pact and will only lead to the complete annihilation of the libertarian movement. Libertarians must wake up and become cognizant of this blatant truth. If you despise Marxist ideology, you must know that any stand you take to walk alongside the Marxists only serves to further their Socialist agenda.