Liberals Think Libertarian Peter Thiel is Trump’s “Shadow President”

For months now, liberals have arduously searched to find the strings they believe are controlling Donald Trump.

Back when Bernie Sanders was still in the race, his supporters thought Trump was a Clinton plant who entered the race to help her win. When Trump ended up winning the election instead of Clinton, they then began to believe he was a Russian infiltrator put up to the task by Vladimir Putin.

But now that both of these rumors have fallen flat on their faces, it seems liberals have found a new mastermind to point fingers at.

Earlier this week, Politico ran a story titled Donald Trump’s ‘shadow president’ in Silicon Valley, with a subtitle that reads, Billionaire iconoclast Peter Thiel’s fingerprints are all over the administration.

The unnecessarily long, 2000 word article aims to tie the libertarian Thiel to the Trump team, despite him having no role in the administration. Thiel was a member of Trump’s transition team and once a top contender for a spot in the Trump administration, but was never given a position.

The author of the article, Eliana Johnson writes:

“At the Presidio, the old Army fort in San Francisco where Thiel’s investment firms are housed, many of his employees have taken to calling him ‘the shadow president.’

The notion is not entirely absurd. If Steve Bannon, the president’s chief strategist, is one ideological pillar of the Trump White House, Thiel, operating from outside the administration, is the other. Bannon’s ideology is a sort of populist nationalism, while Thiel’s is tech-centric: He believes progress is dependent on a revolution in technology that has been largely stymied by government regulation.”