Hypocritical Communist Dullard Suddenly Cares About the Constitution

America’s most infamous communist is at it again. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who ran a vicious presidential campaign against capitalism and our American values, suddenly has a newfound love for the United States Constitution, now that Donald Trump is President of the United States.

Sanders has taken to Twitter in recent weeks to rant about our new President. In doing so, he’s cited the Constitution on numerous occasions as justification for his opposition to President Trump.


Something tells me Comrade Sanders wouldn’t have this fond of a veneration for our founding documents if Hillary won the election.

Where was Bernie’s love for the Constitution when Barack Obama ran afoul to it for 8 years? And where was his love for the Constitution when he ran for President last year, advocating for gun control, universal healthcare, free college, and egregiously taxing the rich, among other things?

Someone please tell this senile old communist to quit politics and go enjoy retirement from one of the many vacation homes he owns.