Libertarians Who Defend the Deep State Are a Threat to Liberty

Libertarians siding with the deep state over the “Trump state” (their words; not mine) ought to be ostracized and publicly shamed.

I personally didn’t spend the last ten years counter-signaling against the lies of the media and the academic and political prostitutes with whom it aligns just to suddenly get selective amnesia when it confirms the most superficial of my anti-state biases.

The media is not anti-state, and its opposition to Trump isn’t rooted in a sense of journalistic integrity or altruism. After all, this is the same group of people who sold Americans on the necessity of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “too big to fail” banks. It’s an undeniable FACT that their concern for people in other countries only extends as far as the degree to which it helps further the Marxist agenda.

They’re not upset that Trump is president; they’re upset that Hillary isn’t. They wanted World War 3, and now they’re not going to get it.

To say that you’re siding with the deep state is tantamount to saying that you’re siding with the Federal Reserve banksters, the neocons who let 9/11 happen for their own personal gain, the Marxists who used foreign intervention as a pretext to subsidize the importation of socialists and theocrats, and the warhawks who want a cashless society and another world war.

There’s clearly a reason that the deep state is united with the media and academia in opposition to Trump. It’s called job security.

In retrospect, it was naive of me to think that conservatives and liberals are exactly the same. It was naive of me to think that “conservative” always means “Republican”. It was naive of me to think that “liberal” always means “Democrat”.

Clearly there’s quite a bit of nuance when it comes to politics.

The populist uprisings of 2016, as embodied by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, are game changers. This turning of the tides isn’t an indication that the state is a long term solution to social problems, but it does demonstrate and reaffirm that public policy is downstream from philosophy and culture, and that political action can be influenced through civil discourse and meme magic.

Libertarian strategists would be remiss to ignore the proven efficacy of right-wing populism. Cultural and racial relativism are clearly not conducive to libertarian ends — especially when used as a justification for the prohibition of exclusion, i.e., open borders.

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