BREAKING: Libertarian Activists Arrested in Cuba by Castro Regime

According to the Mises Institute, Libertarian Activist and Cuba Mises Institute member Manuel Velazquez Visea, and human rights activist Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez, were arrested by the Castro Regime on Thursday, February 2nd. It has also been confirmed that other members of the Cuba Mises Institute have not been arrested (but were threatened after the incident), leaving Visea and Hernandez as the only arrests at this time.

As of now, no information is available as to exactly the situation or the events that took place leading up to the arrest. It is believed that Ubaldo Hernandez refused to show identification to an undercover officer working for the state security forces.

What is known is that Hernandez was charged with the crime of “attack”, a tactic the Castro regime has used since Cuba’s revolution as an independent communist state to suppress political opponents.

We join the Mises Institute in sharing our thoughts and prayers to Hernandez, Visea, and all liberty minded activists who face the threat of state force on a daily basis. We have not forgotten you.