Washington, Oregon, & California Should Form Their Own Country – Here’s Why

Secession Would Spread Like Wildfire – In Conclusion

The idea of secession has been growing in popularity throughout the world over the last few years, with Catalonia in Spain, Scotland in the U.K., Quebec in Canada, and most famously Great Britain in the E.U. (known as #Bexit). Now it has come to our shores with #Calexit. If successful, it could cause a long lasting ripple effect for the rest of the country. Especially if Washington and Oregon join them.

Other states that already have active secession movements might also be motivated by this, such as, Vermont, New Hampshire, Texas – and the Confederacy. We could also see the formation of New England and a Mid Western Union. There are multiple ways it could play out.

The United States very well could be broken up into five or six different countries if this secession movement is successful, which would be a huge win in the fight for liberty, and a win for the rest of the world.