Trump: “I Don’t go Too Much With a Vacation Because I’m Bored”

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity recently had the privilege of sitting down for an interview with President Donald Trump, which aired on Fox News earlier tonight. A supporter of his since the beginning, Hannity was thrilled to walk the White House grounds with the President, and get to tour the Oval Office.

Hannity chatted with Trump about his work ethics, as well as their reflections on the election, and plans for the country over the next four years. Hannity remarked to Trump, “I’ve known you for years, and on a personal level, whenever I’ve ever talked to you, it’s either 11pm, 12 midnight, 1am, or 5 or 6am. You’re a workaholic.”

Trump responded, “Well I like working, I don’t think I’m a workaholic. I just like what I’m doing.” He continued, “I don’t go too much with a vacation because I’m bored. And the good thing about this is I have plenty to do.”

Watch here: