Trump Calls CNN “Fake News” and Buzzfeed “Failing Pile of Garbage”

Throughout the course of his presidential campaign, President-elect Donald Trump was best known for speaking his mind and not mincing words. Though the election is over, Trump’s attacks on the mainstream media aren’t.

During his press conference earlier this morning, President-elect Trump refused to answer a question from a rude CNN correspondent, Jim Acosta, and proceeded to call CNN fake news.

Trump also spoke briefly about Buzzfeed during his press conference, calling them a “failing pile of garbage,” after they released a story on Trump that may have been a 4chan hoax.

Twitter was ablaze after Trump’s comments. Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff alluded that this is “how book burnings begin,” in reference to Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile notable libertarian economist, historian, and talk show host Tom Woods rejoiced with glee at Trump’s comments.

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