Open Borders Advocates are Hypocritical Nationalists That Also Put America First

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, I was overwhelmed by the numbers of stories in my newsfeed about Trump’s decision to bar refugees from 7 Islamic countries from coming into the United States. They were outraged that Trump is deciding to put America first, and continue to voice opposition to his nationalist slogan.

And yet all of these same people were silent when it was also announced this afternoon that Iran will be banning immigration from the United States.

If they were consistent in their views that restricted immigration is wrong, and they were also consistent in their opposition to nationalism, shouldn’t they be opposing this as vehemently? Shouldn’t they be calling the Iranian regime a bunch of fascists for restricting the free movement of people? Shouldn’t they be standing up for the alleged rights of all humans to immigrate wherever they want?

Isn’t it odd that they neglect to do any of this, and are only outraged when America closes their borders? It’s almost as if they’re putting… America first… you know, just like Donald Trump. It’s almost like they’re being a bunch of nationalists that only care about having open borders in this country.

Until open borders advocates begin to be as vociferous in their opposition to other countries which restrict immigration, I’m led to believe that they are all a bunch hypocritical nationalists that want to put America first, even though they hate Donald Trump and closed borders advocates for wanting to do the same.

Maybe they will prove me wrong and march on Washington to demand that Trump stands up to the bullies in Iran that want to close their borders, but I doubt it.