Lifelong Welfare Pimp, Bernie Sanders, Gets Frazzled by Business Owner

This past Monday night, CNN sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders for an hour long town hall event, to kick off a week of special coverage leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Joined by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Senator Sanders spent the hour chatting about the prospect of a Trump presidency, and at one point referred to President-elect Trump as a “pathological liar.” While many in the liberty community fear that Trump will grow the government, Sanders expressed a fear that Trump will shrink the government, scoffing at Trump for selecting secretaries that want to abolish their departments.

During the hour, Sanders also took questions from the crowd. He was asked by a college student what the Democratic Party can do to no longer appear like they are demonizing the upper middle class, and asked by a farmer how the Senate plans on protecting the environment if Trump dismantles the EPA.

At one point in the town hall, Sanders got into a heated back and forth with a business owner, who seemed confused that Sanders sang high praises for President Obama when his regulations choked small business owners. “You haven’t lived until you put a payroll on your credit card,” the man said to the lifelong welfare pimp Sanders.

Watch the exchange here:

And click here to watch the full town hall