Liberty Hangout Announces Partnership with The Jason Stapleton Program

Press Release:

January 19, 2017

It is with much pleasure and satisfaction that we here at Liberty Hangout are proud to announce our partnership with The Jason Stapleton Program. The five principles which the daily podcast are predicated upon include:

  1. Limited government
  2. Individual liberty
  3. Peace
  4. Tolerance
  5. Free markets

These principles are something we here at Liberty Hangout are also content to call our own.

Jason and his staff do a remarkable job filling a much needed gap in libertarian politics and economics, a day-to-day commentary on the news cycles that are affecting our country and our world. The Jason Stapleton Program provides both intellectual growth and referral, and keeps viewers up to date with a fresh take on all the hottest current events.

A former Marine, currency trader, and Sheriff’s deputy, Jason has a wealth of knowledge given from perspectives seldom seen in the conservative, libertarian, or classical liberal community. If you’re looking for a podcast for you daily commute, workday, or just at home in place of the garbage that has become the mainstream media, immerse yourself in the both comical and informative newscast that is The Jason Stapleton Program.

Visit to download his application, or subscribe to our livestreams on the Liberty Hangout Facebook page, where Jason will be broadcasting his program live, every weekday at 2:05pm EST.

Follow him here for more information.