Former Member of ‘The Young Turks’ Goes After Cenk Uygur

If you follow talk show host Dave Rubin on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that he has been relentless in his attacks on the left of late. Rubin, a classical liberal, is a fierce opponent of the radical left, and is notably influential in helping to coin the phrase “the regressive left.”

Rubin became a prominent figure in the political arena after joining The Young Turks Network in 2013 to launch his show, The Rubin Report. But he left the network after just two years after a fallout with Cenk Uyger.

Rubin has been quite critical of Uyger since leaving TYT Network, and came out swinging against him again today on Twitter.

After Cenk publicly accused Sam Harris and Bill Maher of wanting Muslims profiled, Rubin didn’t hold back, and wrote on his Twitter, “You are a really awful person, Cenk.”

And Rubin didn’t stop there.