Breitbart: Audit the Fed Bill Could Finally Pass

Wonderful news for liberty lovers across the country. The world’s most powerful bank may finally be getting audited after all.

According to, “Kentucky’s Sen. Rand Paul appears to be on the cusp of having the Senate and the House pass the ‘Audit the Fed’ legislation that he and his father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), fought for to stop the Federal Reserve’s ‘unchecked” and ‘arguably unconstitutional’ meddling in the free market economy.”

Earlier in the week, Senator Paul announced that he was reintroducing legislation to audit the Federal Reserve. He also tweeted that President-elect Trump has stated his support for the bill, and would sign off on it if it’s sent to his desk.

He later opined that Congress now has no excuse not to pass the bill, since it will have the President’s support.

For over 100 years, the Federal Reserve has gotten away with inflating the dollar and keeping interest rates artificially low, a practice which would get any private individual shut down and jailed for counterfeiting if they tried. Their intervention into the market is what caused and prolonged the Great Depression, what caused the 2008 recession, and what will inevitably cause the next one.

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