Trump the Hero: Disrupter of the Political Establishment & 2-Party System

While I know a lot of libertarians will disagree with this article, I choose to write it anyway. Donald trump is doing something so brave that not many people would be able to fathom.

Trump is in a battle that most cannot understand. It is not just a battle of Republicans vs Democrats. There is a war that hangs on the balance between the rising east and falling west. There is a war between truth and deception. Also, he is facing opposition from his own party establishment.

I will break down the amount of fortitude this man has to be going head-on against the political establishment, the media, celebrities, and some of the general public. While I will be the first to say I do not agree with Trump on a host of issues such as minimum wage, tariffs, stop and frisk policies, and many more, I’m not saying not to be critical of the Donald. Criticism is a great thing, and this is in no way covering up his faults.

I want you to understand the fact that the man is risking personal and business relationships for the sake of defending what he and his base stand for. Imagine… he could’ve decided not to run for president and continue to make millions of dollars. Instead, he decided to forego that and risk it all, going up against the leftist media. The media which, as disclosed by WikiLeaks recently, has been colluding with the Clintons and the Democratic Party. Members of the media from Vice, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, the New York Times, and much more, are engaging with the Clintons on an on-going basis.

James O’s Keefe, through Project Veritas, revealed that top Democratic operatives paid people to disrupt and cause chaos at Trump rallies. The media has tried to paint Trump supporters as white nationalists, racists, and sexists, and Hillary Clinton referred to them as “deplorables”. Meanwhile the media keeps replaying a locker room talk between Trump and Billy Bush which used the left’s now infamous term “grab em by the pussy”. The media keeps also keeps trying to pin countless lies of sexual assault on the Donald, while keeping silent about the real rape victims of Bill Clinton that span for decades.

The man is still standing strong against the media, and in one of his largest rallies, had the crowd chanting “CNN sucks”, which is something to be glad about because people will seek alternative information from the traditional state-sponsored media. The media has been the most complicit group of those who are responsible for the decay of western civilization. They are what I call the right arm of the Democratic and leftist society we live in today. Before Trump, the idea of a powerful billionaire standing up to them sounded ludicrous. This was sort of fantasy thinking, straight out of a comic book. Some incredibly rich and powerful individual will come down and destroy the evil media conglomerates and go against the evil politicians.

Trump is also going against the grain under the severe risk of assassination. What happens when you ruffle some feathers? Well we don’t have to look too far back into history to find a man named JFK. We can also look at some of the mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton family, such as Vincent Foster, Seth Rich, and much more. I will not explain why these deaths are mysterious, I would want you to use a quick Google search and find out why.

I believe he faces threats not just from political interest, but also from the general public as well. At one of his rallies, secret service agents had to detain a deranged man who tried to run on stage and attack,Trump. The media treated this man like a hero, and he was released from prison mere hours after attempting to attack the Donald. There are also countless death threats that are directed at Mr. Trump on social media.

There is no word to describe Trump other than brave. Brave to go against the unconventional. As a libertarian, this is something that should be admired and praised due to the risk he and his family are under. The danger and threat we all face from a potential Hillary Clinton victory are freighting. Russian president Vladimir Putin has stated, “If Hillary Clinton wins, it’s war!” Tension with Russia is at its highest since the Cold War. Hillary Clinton has stated she would use nuclear weapons against Iran, a nation which is allies with Russia and China.

As economist Walter Block points out, foreign policy is the most important part of economics. War with Russia will cause the destruction of domestic economies, for both sides. This is the Paul Krugman dream of having war stimulating the economy. I think we all understand the broken window fallacy here. This is so important because Trump is actually the non-interventionist.

He has stated on his website that peace through strength will be at the center of our foreign policy. We will achieve a stable, peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground. He also plans to end the current strategy of nation-building and regime change. This is something even Green party candidate Jill Stein has acknowledged, stating that “Donald Trump is better” and “Hillary Clinton is more likely to start nuclear war” during an appearance on C-SPAN. Nuclear war is an option and one that must be avoided at all costs. As Einstein said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Let’s also talk about the celebrities. Some people consider this a moot point, but I would say not to overlook it. Leftist celebrities have millions of followers on social media. Now, this goes without saying the ability they have to manipulate and influence society. From Mark Cuban alleging sexual assault from second and third-hand sources, to Madonna offering blow jobs for votes for Clinton. Unfortunately, our society treats these individuals with praise and respect. While some are talented in their own regard, the political realm is over their head. Yet they feel the need to intervene and add their two cents on Trump. Now people religiously follow celebrities as their word is as good as gold. Kim Kardashian meets with Hillary Clinton, and a week later she’s peddling gun control. Amy Schumer, with her relative Chuck Schumer, are peddling gun control and both are anti-Trump as well. This is another force Trump is facing. This is just to show the collusion between Hollywood and politicians. These public figures will also be a culprit in the destruction of the west if Clinton is elected.

The establishment Republicans are the ones who have betrayed their own base. The Republicans who have sat back and allowed Democrats and leftists to corrupt and decay society, while also taking a back seat to conservative views and conforming to the left. Here are some of the betrayals of the Republican Party to its conservative bas, just to name a few: Marco Rubio’s gang-of-eight bill immigration plan, which would have allowed millions of third wave immigrants into the country and flooded us with future Democratic Party voters. Paul Ryan’s Omnibus spending bill of $1.1 trillion was not very conservative either.

These betrayals to their own party have conservatives looking to Trump to put an end to this and return to conservative values. As a libertarian, I look to the N.A.P. (non-aggression principal) as a guide to voting. Now many libertarians have a misconception of voting being immoral. Now I would like to turn it to Mr. Libertarian himself, Walter Block, who put it eloquently. Imagine you’re a slave, and there is slave master’s that will allow you to vote to be whipped once a week by Abuser A, or daily by Abuser B. Using the power to vote for Abuser A would be consistent with the N.A.P. This does not mean you support slavery, but under those circumstances, we would prefer as minimal torture as possible.

Now, many Libertarians will point ask, well why not vote for Gary Johnson? Simple.  Johnson has no shot of winning. If Johnson had a shot of actually putting up a fight, I would be for him over Hillary. I’m asking libertarians to put their differences aside and Vote Trump. Join Libertarians for Trump on a mission to be able to prevent the collapse of Western Civilization and potential destruction of a Clinton presidency.

This is more than just an election. This is for the people who have bled and died for the freedoms we currently hold. As all anarcho-capitalists do, I would prefer a stateless society, but preserving what we have is crucial, and we cannot let globalist elites like Clinton hold power. Trump is the only chance we have, and he will be remembered in history maybe not for his economics, but for standing strong against known tyrants and their associates. Trump will go down in history as nothing less than a hero.