The Threat of Left-Libertarianism

Equality for everyone! We all need a fair chance at society! We must make sure women receive equal pay! This actually sounds similar to something your Marxist professors might say. But, believe it or not, there is a fraction of so-called libertarians who hold these beliefs as well.

They are the left-libertarians. These virtue signaling Marxists have disguised themselves to pretend to have people’s best interests at heart, but they are actually promoting a failed and dangerous rhetoric. They are cancer to libertarians. Why do I say cancer? Well because cancer is an internal disease which attacks the body. These so-called libertarians have the ability to possibly corrode libertarianism from the inside, attacking and wiping out the traditional libertarians and hijacking it for their own agendas. This war of words and sophistry has been used for ages. In this article, I will break down the dangers we face by having left-libertarians align with the left.


One danger people seem to ignore, and I would want them to stay vigilant of, is that they are liars. That is a bold statement, you you would probably say. But it is true. They perpetuate myths like the gender pay gap, which have been debunked by many economists. Even some feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers agree that the gender pay gap is a hoax.

They also claim that 1 out of 4 women in college are victims of sexual assault. This takes a little bit of apriori reasoning to come to the conclusion that this is full of shit. If women were assaulted at alarmingly high rates, why would women continue to put themselves in dangerous situations by going to college? Especially showing the explosion of women graduating at exponentially higher rates than men. Why would they not create their own campuses to have their own schooling if they felt so threatened? The answer is because the threat does not exist. There is also empirical data that proves this point as well.

The white privilege division is another form of SJW propaganda. They say that whites enjoy privileges over minorities. Well, factors change as soon as you insert Asians into the equation. The median weekly earning for males 25 years and older is approximately $1,077 for Asians, compared to white males which make a median weekly earning of $909.


These myths have led to the rise of domestic terror groups like #BlackLivesMatter, who perpetually try to convince individuals of all races that they are under attack by the white man. Meanwhile they protect criminals that commit acts of theft and murder, and justify the looting of convenience stores.

The idea that some libertarians want to align themselves with liars should ring alarm bells. This misdirection of information is to push agendas that favor some over others. The cultural Marxist attack which pins women against men. Blacks against whites. Gay marriage over heterosexual marriage. This needs to stop.

The threat the science community faces is real. Science, which has struggled for centuries to get to the point it has reached today, is now in jeopardy. Left-libertarians believe that race and genders are now “social constructs”. They do not believe that there is any difference between races, even though all evidence points to the contrary of this argument. For example, Ashkenazi jews have a reported IQ between 112–115, whereas sub-Saharan Africans are around 73-74. IQ is an objective measurement of intelligence, and some races objectively have higher IQs than others.

Some lefties would look at this with shock and horror. How dare you say one group is more intelligent than another! We are all equal! Well, when you also see that blacks of West African ancestry (which would include most African-Americans) have a higher ratio of ”fast-twitch” muscle fiber than whites do, which gives them an edge at leaping and sprinting, you can now understand why black athletes dominate sports. This is another objective fact that cannot be ignored as being a mere a social construct.

One more example, people of different racial and ethnic groups are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. African Americans, Mexican Americans, American Indians, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans have a higher risk of developing these deadly diseases. Understanding these objective difference allows scientists to try and find solutions to these issues. But by ignoring this, you fall into the realm of denial. You might as well start saying 2+2=6 or believe the earth is flat. When does reality sink in for these individuals? Who knows. This is why this is so dangerous to our movement.

Our education system is also in a battle to try and keep its credibility from its leftist professors and students. Those that have been infected by brain-draining public schools enter universities already indoctrinated by the left’s propaganda. Over 60% of professors identify as far-left. The number of moderates and conservatives are far lower. The professors are overwhelming lefties and now outnumber conservatives by roughly 5 to 1. Meanwhile, conservative icons such as Ben Shapiro, Anne Coulter, and Steven Crowder are constantly harassed and interrupted at campuses throughout the nation. They are vilified for having opposing views to the left. On Milo Yannonapolis’ tour (The Dangerous Faggot Tour) he had to cancel an event because of a credible bomb threat. SJW libertarians who believe they are being progressive are just putting the veil on their violent tendencies.

And this is something which left-libertarians want to align with. A violent group or Marxists who are not tolerant of others opinions. How will we win the war of ideas when we can’t even explain our own philosophy? Left-libertarians need to look in the mirror and understand the sheer evil they are supporting.

Finally, let’s talk about freedom! An essential part of our daily lives will not survive if left-libertarians get their way. Now I know we do not live in a pure ancap society. What I’m referring to are the current freedoms we currently hold that were fought and died for. Such as what I’m doing right now, which is freedom of speech. It also runs its effects to the free market where a woman joked with a tweet about “going to Africa and possibly getting aids”. She gets fired from her job because of SJWs start crying about the incident. A fireman got fired for a tweet saying “I’d never let a woman kick my ass, If she tried something, I’d be like Hey! you get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!”

Also, social media has become excessively policed, ironically. Censorship has started increasing at an extreme rate, to the point that Twitter has created a safety council, where Twitter states on their page, “Twitter empowers every voice to shape the world. But you can’t do that unless you feel safe and confident enough to express yourself freely and connect with the world around you. To help give your voice more power, Twitter does not tolerate behavior intended to harass, intimidate, or use fear to silence another user’s voice”. Ironically though, many of Twitters users are comprised of SJW groups such as Feminist Frequency, the Islamic Research Center, The Wahid Institute, The Samaritans, and GLAAD, which have already shown their tendencies to suppressing opposing views. So everything we oppose could be lost, because some libertarians want to be friends with these people. Good luck!

This article is to show who left-libertarians want to align with, and why they are dangerous to the movement and advancement of liberty. Everything that is mentioned above requires a great deal of state power, which is incompatible with the N.A.P. and private property. If you choose to align yourself with this type of scum, you should no longer describe yourself as a libertarian. There is no tolerance for individuals like this in our movement who use sophistry, lies, and propaganda for a Marxist agenda. If you want to be cradled, ask your parents to do it for you. Do not force society into your demented views of race and reality. I and a host of other libertarians will not allow you to hijack libertarianism like you have already done with the word liberal. You are nothing but threats disguised as virtue signaling, and are misguided children. Please keep yourself in the safe spaces of the internet where you can be safe for the rest of your lives. Let the real libertarians fight for freedom.