No, Trump Didn’t Call for Muslim Registration System. The Media Lied Again

If you logged onto Facebook today, you likely saw an article going around titled “Donald Trump’s team ‘discussing plans for Muslim registration system’“. The article was published by May Bulman of, and has been shared more than 23,000 times in just 15 hours.

Curious to see if the headline was true, I opened up the article and gave it a read. The article immediately references Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State in Kansas, and says that he “said the President-elect’s advisers were looking at how to implement a proposal suggested by the billionaire businessman that would force immigrants from Muslim countries to register on a database.” So off the bat it sounds like a lot of he-said, she-said.

The next sentence is where the whole thing crumbles apart, and the shroud of dishonesty falls. Bulman writes, “Mr Kobach, who helped devise tough immigration laws in a number of US states and claims to have participated in regular conference calls with Mr Trump’s immigration advisers, also said the Trump administration could push ahead rapidly on construction of a US-Mexico border wall without seeking immediate congressional approval.”

CLAIMS! Bulman admits this is all just hearsay, yet the headline does not reflect this. Nor does Bulman provide us with any quotes or context about what Kobach actually said himself.

The remainder of the article goes on to discuss some of the rhetoric Trump has used along his campaign, and was sure to include his immigration plans in there as well. The word “Muslim” appears 15 times in the article, yet no proof is given that Mr. Trump and his team are discussing plans for a Muslim registration system.

A brief 34 second video is included in the article, and I thought maybe this would include the evidence of him calling for a Muslim registration system. But it didn’t. It was 34 seconds of him talking about immigration.

This article linked to a piece from 2015 titled, “Donald Trump confirms Muslim ‘register’ plan – but won’t deny comparisons to Nazi’s treatment of Jews“. So I clicked on the article thinking that this must be the proof. But I came up short again.

The articles states that an NBC reporter approached Donald Trump and asked him “whether all Muslims in the US would be forced to register. ‘They have to be,’ replied Mr Trump. ‘They have to be.'”

But the article gave zero context whatsoever. They did not show us what the NBC reporter asked Mr. Trump exactly to elicit a response of “They have to be.”

So I went and pulled up the clip of the NBC reporter asking Trump about this. And he says nothing to suggest that all Muslims in the US would be forced to register. He instead talks about immigration and how he thinks there needs to be a database to ensure that people are entering into this country legally. There is a world of a difference between this and what is suggesting that Mr. Trump said.

The piece that has been going around the Internet today is a total fabrication and a complete lie, and the article they published in November of 2015 was also a complete lie. Articles such as these are the exact reason why leftists in this country are so enraged and are busy protesting in every major city. The media wants to manipulate them. The media is complicit in these protests and responsible for all of the violence and destruction of property.

If this election has proven anything, it’s that you shouldn’t trust the media. Do your own research, and don’t take their word for anything. They want to control you, and they don’t care if that means that they have to lie to you about what’s going on in the world.

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