Make the Libertarian Party Libertarian Again: Require Members to be… Libertarian

It is October 31st, and hundreds of libertarians still have #LetGaryDebate on their profile pictures on social media, which our founder Justin raised a interesting point about. Do these people know the debates are over?

It made me start to think how did we get to this point in the LP to deviate so far from our principles to elect Gary Johnson. It hit me like a ton of bricks we have been allowing the unprincipled to vote and support people like Gary J. I started thinking, would a nutritionist take health advice from an obese individual? Would a mathematician take advice from a person who failed algebra? Why then would we allow individuals that don’t understand libertarianism to promote libertarianism?

The root cause comes from many in the LP. There is a new movement within the LP of what I call “Pseudo libertarians”. This new branch of neo-libertarians have not been enlightened by great thinkers like Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, Ayn Rand,Tom Woods, David Friedman, and Ron Paul. This new group was brought in by Gary Johnson and the attention he has gained because of unpopular candidates such as Trump and Clinton. This movement, which unprincipled individuals are entering into without a proper vetting process, parade proudly promote the LP, but when they explain libertarianism they look like fools.

I will not mention names, but when I was watching dramatarian issues, it was evident that these so called freedom fighters don’t have much knowledge of the non-aggression principle or private property rights. They instead are more like cheerleaders for someone that has no integrity and principles. The party’s reflection of its candidate is a representation of the majority of its party. This is why I make the case for discrimination inside the LP.


If we ever want to regain principles, the Libertarian Party has to discriminate against the unprincipled. These individuals have  brought down the party down to a Bill Weld level. This should have never happened and would not have happened if the party had been allowed to discriminate anyone who does not abide by the basic principles. This is not to say these individuals cannot become enlightened, but they should require a basic amount of logic to enter the political arena or vote as a delegate.

When you enter into the political arena, there are individuals you will be interacting with that will not understand liberty, and it is your job to spread the philosophy. With great power comes great responsibility, but the LP has squandered this opportunity by tossing aside its libertarian responsibilities. This has led people down the wrong path like GJ has done.

Voting is also a great responsibility, seeing as how unprincipled delegates vote for unprincipled candidates. The only way we will achieve libertarian principles is by discriminating against the unprincipled. Now should be time to sweep the LP clean of these individuals. Go to your local parties and call out these pseudo libertarians. Create real change and pass bylaws that mandate Libertarian Party members to be, well… libertarian.

Make the case for this and don’t allow these people to distort the message of freedom and liberty while we still have a chance. Educate them on real libertarian principles. Teach them the non-aggression-principle and private property rights, which are the foundation of libertarianism. The more we do this, the stronger our principles will be.

Anyone who does not abide by these principles should be ostracized and criticized and not allowed to enter the LP. This will be the only way to revive the LP from the grave GJ and his supporters are currently digging us into.