Has Neocon Purge Begun? John Bolton Allegedly Out of Cabinet Consideration

According to investigative journalist and political analyst Gareth Porter, a source close to Trump’s transition team says that John Bolton is no longer being considered for Secretary of State.

Although Porter did not name his source, if this is true, this is fantastic news for liberty lovers. Bolton was a member of both Bush administrations, as well as the Reagan administration, and has been one of the nation’s leading advocates for an interventionist foreign policy. He is as establishment as one can get.

Bolton is a past member of a number of prominent neoconservative groups, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf. John Bolton was also an architect of the Iraq War.

This news comes just two days after all lobbyists were cut from Trump’s transition team. But for those on the edge of their seat eager to see who Trump will pick for the remainder of his cabinet positions, you may have to wait a while. It took each of our past seven presidents an average of seven weeks to assemble their teams. Trump was only elected president a little over a week ago.