Go California Go! Secession On the Ballot in 2019?

After Donald Trump was elected President on November 8th, there was an uproar of protests and calls for secession, most notably in California with #Calexit trending on Facebook and Twitter. Even major Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, an elected official in California, and prominent Democrats have voiced their support for this idea.  That very same week, I wrote a piece titled “Secession In America: A New Path To Liberty”, where I outlined the importance of secession, what it could mean for the future of the liberty movement, and why libertarians should support California in their efforts for independence.

The reaction about a California secession was positive, yet most still held the view that it was very unlikely to happen and that it would die down after a few days.



It looks like this could come to fruition. An organization known as Yes California has recently filed a petition with California’s Attorney General to put secession on the ballot in 2019. Organizers are expected to begin collecting signatures at the beginning of next year. They have six months to collect approximately 600,000 valid signatures, but their goal is to have over 1 million.

The organization will also be holding #Calexit rallies in San Francisco and Los Angeles on January 20th, during Trump’s inauguration, which could be a huge launching point for the campaign.

Yes California has laid out what they call “The Case For Independence In 9 Simple Points” which you can read on the homepage of their website, YesCalifornia.org. You will also be able to view to their ‘Blue Book’, which goes into even greater detail about why and how California could secede.

I call on all lovers of liberty to support the people of California in their fight for independence. You may not support all of the policies in California, but we should recognize the right of Californians to take control of their own destiny and live up to their greatest potential, whatever that may be. Something as big as this could have a ripple effect across not only the entire country, but the entire globe towards a greater decentralization of power.


Although it isn’t yet a done deal, this is a big step in the right direction. A step which I applaud Yes California for bravely taking. To those who still believe that this will never happen I say- the establishment and mainstream media said #Brexit would never happen, and it did. They also said Donald Trump would never be elected President, and he was. Those same people will inevitably say the same thing about #Calexit, because the elites are so arrogant and out of touch that they never seem to learn their lesson. But what this year has clearly shown us is that when the anger and discontent of the people reach a critical mass, then nothing is impossible. I believe that this too could shock the world.

If you want to support a California secession, then please go to YesCalifornia.org where you can pledge to vote, as well as volunteer and donate to this cause. Also, share this article all over social media with the hashtag, #Calexit.