Adam Kokesh to debate Augustus Invictus LIVE on Liberty Hangout

This upcoming Monday, November 28th, 2016, Augustus Invictus and Adam Kokesh will be live in Miami, Florida. Liberty Hangout and the Rothbardian Circle are partnering up again to bring liberty lovers a debate between two libertarian philosophies, and the debate will be livestreamed to the Liberty Hangout Facebook page. Adam Kokesh is best known for his podcast Adam vs the Man. Augustus Invictus is well known for his recent run for US Senate.


The topics they will be discussing are the following: Free Trade or Protectionism, Open or Closed Borders, Support Trump or Support Gary Johnson, Cultural Marxism, and Physical Removal.

Walter Block protege and founder of the AFF/Rothbardian Circle, Luis Rivera III, has put together an event that will have libertarians across the country excited. The Rothbardian Circle will continue to bring great events to the local Miami area, and spread the ideas of liberty with the partnership of Liberty Hangout.


Comment below if you want to see other topics discussed. The feedback would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in seeing a future libertarian at our events, please comment below. Don’t miss out on this epic debate, set the date on your calendar, get your popcorn ready to see the clash of the libertarian titans.