Those Trump Recordings are Shocking? REALLY?

Trump is disgusting, and I’ve consistently cited his blatant misogyny as a top reason I could never support him. But if you were the least bit surprised to hear him – a filthy rich career entertainment mogul – brag to a buddy about making lewd advances toward women and them tolerating it because of his status, you are fucking delusional.

The same goes for Hillary – a career politician – not knowing how to use basic e-mail, and then spinning her own tech illiteracy as exonerating. Dangerous and arrogant, but not shocking.

The same even goes for Johnson – the governor of a small, obscure, rural State – not recognizing the word “Aleppo”, and having difficulty naming other world leaders.

This election is demonstrating to Americans all the realities they were blissfully ignorant of. That various forms of bigotry and con-artistry are rampant and not really a top concern for the unaffected; that most politicians are of at best average intelligence and hopelessly detached from daily life, and most government agencies under their oversight grossly incompetent, inefficient, and devoid of accountability; and that attempts to change any of this by appealing to popular opinion with reason are easily drowned out by flashy, emotion-baiting propaganda.

It doesn’t bother me because I’ve known all this and said it for years. In fact, the shock of the average American as their rosy shades are shattered is quite satisfying. These problems can only be addressed through systemic change – a republic where politicians are more equitably representative of various demographics, but also Constitutionally allowed to do a lot LESS. The expansion of majority rule will only make things worse. Like Carlin said – garbage in, garbage out.

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