Reason Magazine Claims “Libertarian Party Platform Has Always Been Pro-Choice”

In a a recent interview with The Libertarian Republic’s Austin Petersen, Independent candidate Evan McMullin stated, “If Gary Johnson were a real libertarian, I probably wouldn’t be doing this.” Matt Welch of Reason Magazine responded with an article earlier this afternoon, comparing and contrasting the platforms of a few of the LP candidates to see if they would have matched with McMullin’s values any better.

In analyzing former candidate Austin Petersen’s presidential platform, Welch said the following.


Welch claims that the “Libertarian Party platform has always been pro-choice when it comes to abortion,” yet a quick look at the Libertarian Party’s platform shows us that this isn’t the case.


The Libertarian Party platform is neither pro-life or pro-choice. They welcome both viewpoints into the party, but do not hold an official stance themselves.

We rate Matt Welch’s statement as false.