Is 2016 Really the Year of the Third Party?

By Clayton Hunt

The 2016 election is often portrayed as a dumpster fire, in alternative and mainstream media. The narrative is that the left’s boogeyman Donald Trump is facing off against the right’s boogeywoman Hillary Clinton, yet neither side is all that happy with their own candidate. So in come third parties, the seeming ejector seat of American politics.

The Green Party put up Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, who are generally appealing to the left-wing and Bernie supporters, and the Libertarian Party nominated Gary Johnson and co-presidential running mate Bill Weld, who are appealing to the moderate wing of the Libertarian Party and those few establishment Republicans who don’t like Donald Trump and don’t really care about their futures in the GOP. Yes, there’s McMuffin and Castle, but they’re not on the ballot in enough states to really matter outside McMuffin kicking Gary’s ass in Utah, and there are the few good candidates, like Darryl W. Perry, and Harambe, but voting for them is mostly symbolic.

Wow, what a bleak picture of the election that draws ever nearer. It’s like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel turn red and hearing the singing turn to screams. You know for sure that you don’t want to go forward. Going back is preferable, but not possible, so what is the average American to do?

Get out!

Getting out can come in various forms, making plans to move to Mexico, or Canada, or asking yourself seriously, “Do we really need a president?”

It might start off as a joke, a “Vote For Nobody” t-shirt or yard sign, talking about writing in a joke candidate, laughing about how America just needs to take a break, and that it’s not you, it’s us.

But humor has a funny way of breaking down mental barriers; it’s like operating dangerous ideas in your brain’s equivalent of safe mode. Suddenly that unthinkable concept that you joked about makes more sense. You start seeing stories about how Spain is actually doing well without a national government, and you think about how the corruption and incompetence that Spaniards are talking about in their government is a mirror image of your own government.

This train of thought is not inconceivable; I’ve seen friends and family that are mildly politically aware at best starting down that path. The thing is that they need a guide, someone to challenge them, but not lecture at them, to point them in the right direction and help them break off the shackles of statism.

2016 could have been the year of the Libertarian, but the Libertarian Party in its usual fashion bungled it up by putting up an uninspiring milquetoast ticket of GOP rejects, so instead the anarchists need to step up.

The masses are prime for the message that they don’t need the political system which requires them to choose to be shot in the head or the heart. They are ready to hear that they don’t need a master or a ruler. They are ripe for the message that we’ve been crafting for years now.

The problem is that too many anarchists are content with sitting idly by, while the political landscape is shifting around them. They have their audience, and that is fine with them. It’s time to kick the marketing up a notch- you don’t have to shove a tome down most people’s throats, but rather just ask questions when you see someone complaining about their options. Point out good sources of information that people can peruse at their own leisure, and don’t expect instant gratification. You are planting the seeds to trees you may not live to sit in the shade of.

I believe we are in a shifting point in American politics. Old orders are weak, and new lines are being drawn, so it’s not impossible to make 2016 the year of the anarchist!