Fed Up? Look Local To Solve Cop Problems.

A Prescription By Brandon Miller

By now you all have seen the constant news cycle surrounding the deaths of numerous citizens at the hands of local police officers.  I wanted to share with you my solution on this matter and how they intertwine with the advancement of local and individual governance.  Before we begin, I want to tell you what this article is not.  It is not an article condemning or supporting Black Lives Matter, nor is it not an article condemning or supporting Blue Lives Matter.  And it is not an article to dissect evidence and say whether one party is right or wrong.  If this is what you were hoping for, exit now.  My goal in this piece is to stay as objective as possible while leaving behind my bias.  Another goal of mine is to express a solution that I think will help mend the divide and also advance local and individual governance.

Most Americans by now have heard both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s response to the deaths of our fellow citizens.  Outside of the exact wording, they both have the same message; elect me and I will heal race relations.  [Insert candidate] is a bigot and does not care about you.  Let me share with you the bold truth:  Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton can heal these issues.  While we’re here, none of the 535 members of Congress nor the 50 Governors can solve these issues either.  The officials who can play the most pivotal role in healing community issues may surprise you.

Pastors, City and County officials, Educators, Community Center Supervisors, School Board members, neighborhood organizations, law enforcement officers, and other local groups are the ONLY groups that can truly work to heal these issues.  The aforementioned groups can do more for community healing than any state or federal official or agency can do.  These groups can play a number of roles.  The most important of these is the most easiest to do.

The most important act community leaders can do is face to face interactions.  The greatest quality of this is you cannot mess it up.  Whether it is community festivals, church gatherings, town halls, or door to door; spending time with the people you see everyday and sharing your concerns will instantly help tensions.  People will forget the political talking point.  They’re forget the mailer or Facebook post about the community potluck.  What people won’t forget?  You taking time out of your day to spend time with them, talking with them, and making them feel valued.  Face to face interaction goes a long way.

Voluntary and open town gatherings will do more to heal our communities than any Trump or Clinton policy proposal can do.  The primary effect is obvious.  People of all backgrounds and races will come together as a community.  The secondary effect will advance local governance and individual liberty.  Once communities gather to hear and heal, more citizens will become involved in their county and city meetings and engage those, who normally would not engage, a chance to become local leaders themselves.  Individual liberty will foster through open dialogue focused on seeing the individual as a neighbor, a football coach, or a teacher, instead of unrealistic prejudices fueled by the hand of big government that works to divide you.

Do I think this will be solved tomorrow? No.  Do I even think this will be solved in five years? No. I do think with effort, the ripple affects will be seen around the country.  As I said before, I don’t want to pretend I know every answer.  I also don’t want to pretend I know what it feels like to walk out my door and wonder if it’s the last time I get in my car.  I only hope to provide a prospective void of partisan politics and race baiting.  While you may disagree with my positions, I hope you see objectivity and heart felt feeling toward a true long term solution, not one that fades away with a new Congress.