Donald Trump Sells Out Birthers

“Barack Obama was born in the United States,” proclaimed Donald Trump today, reversing his long held position to the contrary. While Trump is clearly attempting to legitimize his candidacy to mainstream voters by distancing from the alt-right fringes, he risks making the same mistake the LP did in nominating Johnson and Weld, contrary to the desires of their base and grassroots.

This declaration makes me, for instance, certainly less vested in a Trump victory over Hillary, as I deeply question the authenticity of the certificate released by Additionally, so was long-standing Maricopa County [1] sheriff Joe Arpaio, who launched an investigation on its veracity, ironically in his words, “to end the debate,” after over 200 of his constituents in Maricopa Country, Arizona complained about the document’s authenticity. At the conclusion of his investigation, Sheriff Joe stated, “Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic.”

Sheriff Joe was not originally a birther; rather he became one AFTER he investigated it and found forgery suspicions that I myself ALSO found, such as the fact that there are 20ish layers to the PDF document the White House ORIGINALLY released (since revised) [2]. Therefore, I think it’s clear to say that Trump has alienated some of his prominent supporters like Sheriff Joe; some could say that he has perhaps “sold-out,” with this announcement.

But clearly, he has alienated a gigantic portion of right-leaning Libertarians who formerly believed he was the anti-establishment candidate in the 2016 election. This flip-flop was a very foolish move for Trump. Obama’s citizenship is a critical issue to perhaps the vast majority of his alt-right base.

Secondly, it reminds the Democratic strategists that they can trash him in the media for this flip-flop that will no doubt dominate mainstream newswaves. This newest blunder on the part of the Trump camp can be reasonably expected to derail his recent momentum over Hillary and her “collapse.” For better or worse, inconsistency in tactics like these on the part of the Trump campaign will likely guarantee a win for Hillary and more votes for Gary Johnson.

1 : Maricopa County represents the Phoenix, Arizona area

2 :I would just like to footnote that I share these beliefs. His citizenship is irrelevant to me, I question the document’s authenticity, and believe this is a matter of fraud.