Austin Petersen & Augustus Invictus Steal Show at Liberty Fest, Gary Johnson Absent

The Cutting Room, East 32nd Street, Manhattan, New York.

150, including prominent activists such as Austin Petersen and Darryl Perry, were all in attendance to promote libertarian values. Darryl spoke passionately about our oppressed comrades like Wikileaks whistle blowers Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange, as well as Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, and the persecution they are enduring at the hands of the United States government. Lynn Ulbricht, Ross’ mother also advocated for release on appeal of her Bitcoin and counter-economic hero son.

But it was not only youtube celebrities and activists who were there. Major politicians on the Libertarian political scene were there as well, including Larry Sharpe, Augustus Invictus, and Austin Petersen. The two speakers who received the most enthusiastic responses were unequivocally politicians Austin Petersen, former LP presidential candidate, and Augustus Invictus, a Florida Libertarian politician with a national following.

Now while these were certainly the two speakers who carried the loudest reactions, their messages were very different. Augustus for instance began his speech with “Death to Hilary Clinton,” which received a loud, battle-cry like, wave of support from the audience, as he proceeded to declare his mission was to uproot the political establishment and minimize (or even end) the federal government.

Austin Petersen meanwhile stated that while Gary Johnson may not be perfect, the success of libertarianism depends on Gary Johnson, which also got a very vociferous response from the crowd. Now while I fully can appreciate and respect that point of view, I ask Austin this one question….where was Gary Johnson at Liberty Fest?

Simply, Gary Johnson was not there. If Gary truly cares about libertarianism and his base, then why was he not there to support it, especially considering he was originally billed to speak at the event according to the Liberty Fest headline? Gary was a no show.

Additionally, while Augustus Invictus was there, driving from Ocala, Florida, neither were Gary Johnson NOR the candidate he backed to beat Augustus Invictus in Florida, Paul Stanton—also a no show. So as to the argument that a vote for Gary Johnson is good for the movement, I ask you the question, what if Gary Johnson does not really care about libertarianism? Is it possible that he is merely an opportunist trying to capitalize on this opportunity for himself?

And furthermore, is a vote for Gary Johnson (which is really a vote for his CFR puppetmaster Bill Weld of course), really a vote that advances liberty? I conclusively say no. When you have a man like Gary Johnson blocking true libertarians like Augustus Invictus, advocating for the Trans Pacific Partnership, making crony-capitalists like Bill Weld as his running mate, and yet not even willing to show his FACE at one of the most important libertarian gatherings of the year….I say no, Gary Johnson is no friend of liberty.

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