The Libertarian Party is Killing Libertarianism

The Libertarian Party is having one of the happiest times of its short existence. Gary Johnson gets to call a leadership level member of the Council on Foreign Relations his vice-president as opposed to an unheard of doctor. For the first time, the party ticket is included in national CNN polls. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are now supporters of the party. It’s as if they were that insecure nerdy neckbearded teenager who is about to lose his virginity to the prom queen.

But here is the question that nobody seems to be asking. Who died and made the Libertarian Party Member the Prom King of Liberty? Many libertarian politicians such as Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and Thomas Massie have never been members of the Libertarian Party or been strong advocates of it. Their success begs the question, is the Libertarian Party even responsible for the 21st century rise of libertarianism?

Ever since 2008, libertarianism has been trending with voters due to disillusionment with the political process, best personified with the Bush presidency. 2009 is the the year that Fox News even created it’s very own hour long libertarian segment with John Stossel. This year was a hallmark for the libertarian movement ; conservatives were attempting to reform the GOP into a party that advocated for a constitutional and limited government that lived within its means and an anti-interventionist foreign policy.

2012 saw even greater strides with the rise of Ron Paul, in which a self-described libertarian candidate was able to win several states in the GOP primaries, and libertarian politicians were winning significant congressional elections. The biggest secret that the Libertarian Party does not want you to know this election cycle is this: the rise of the libertarian movement has had NOTHING to do with the Libertarian Party.

While libertarianism itself was on the rise, the Libertarian Party was not. For the last 8 years, the LP has grown increasingly insecure due to the fact that libertarian politicians have been succeeding without it. Its platform is not what the 10% of Americans that identify as Libertarians want. While many in the Liberty Movement are often considered Conspiracy Theorists for holding some radical views, members of the Libertarian Party will often hold some of the most obtuse views you could imagine.

For instance, some of them want to outlaw male circumcision ; some of them want abortion to be legal deep into the third trimester ; some of them believe that the US government should be forced to allow Sharia law. The some 400,000 members of the Libertarian Party are just not representative of the 10% of Americans who identify as Libertarian.

Contrary to its false narrative about the 2016 election cycle, 21st century libertarians do not believe unrestricted immigration is a libertarian view. We do not want the federal government or the United Nations defining the definition of “Free Trade” for us. We do not want to abandon our national identity. We do not want to replace the US Constitution with some half-baked kindergarden philosophical principle called the Non-Aggression Principle. And ultimately, we do not want to abandon our pride as Americans. Instead of catering to American Libertarians, the party is catering to the self-interests of its members and establishment politicians willing to satiate them. But before I get ahead of myself, I would like to just finish my portrayal of the LP before 2016.

The recent growth of libertarianism over the last 8 years not only happened without any significant contribution from the Libertarian Party, but has often succeeded in spite of it. I would like to refer anyone who disagrees with this claim to the 2012 GOP primary. Many Libertarian Party members are not even aware that their current candidate, Gary Johnson, ran in the 2012 GOP primary as a Republican AGAINST Ron Paul. While Ron Paul was making significant strides, consistently polling in third or fourth place, Gary Johnson consistently polled last. In fact, Gary Johnson counterproductively siphoned votes away from Ron Paul, holding back the success of the Liberty Movement’s anointed candidate.

Libertarians rejected Gary Johnson’s standard left-leaning Libertarian Party message as behind the times and incongruous with leading libertarian politicians like Rand Paul and Justin Amash. Still, Gary Johnson remained in the race for months, hindering the Ron Paul campaign (of which I was a part of actually). After eventually dropping out, Gary Johnson returned to the historically irrelevant Libertarian Party, and we in the Liberty Movement were glad to be rid of him. But even still, the Libertarian Party expressed a supreme degree of bitterness towards the Paul campaign, engaging in establishment propaganda against the Paul campaign, calling him a white supremacist and a conspiracy theorist, out of nothing more than selfish bitterness. The 2012 election really showed that the Libertarian Party really only cared about the success of Libertarianism on its own terms.

The LP has done nothing to contribute to the recent rise of the Liberty Movement. It has done nothing but complain and stand in the way of our success. It remains glued in its absurd discourses that include unrepentant anti-semitism, Islamosfascist apologetics, the ending of all nation-states in favor of a globalist government a la the European Union, and logically inconsistent social justice narratives best demonstrated by Gary Johnson’s belief that a Jewish Baker should have to bake a white supremacist a cake with Germano-Fascist imagery.

The reason the Libertarian Party has been a non-contributing member to the rise of Libertarianism for so long is not because there is no demand from the electorate for libertarianism, but that the Libertarian Party is out of touch with its own ideology and more concerned about superficial acknowledgment from the establishment. And that is why our politicians in the GOP do not change their party allegiances when they win their elections. And from this rejection, a monstrosity was born.

The Libertarian Party has become the SINGLE greatest threat to libertarianism. The some 400,000 members of the Libertarian Party have waged an all-out coup against American libertarianism by positing its out of touch, irrational dogma as the only acceptable form of libertarianism. The LP is spitting in the face of libertarian voters by completely abandoning conservatism and radical change in favor of pandering to politically unsophisticated millennials from the Bernie Sanders movement with a watered down “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” Orwellian epigram.

The Johnson/Weld ticket has replaced the objectives of reducing military spending and foreign interventionism by maintaining sound borders with an apotheosis to open borders and establishment foreign policy; leaving drug policy to the states and an ending of the controlled substances act with federally taxed and controlled marijuana consumption; ending the IRS but replacing it with a 30% federal consumption tax. They have completely eviscerated the intellectual substance of the 21st century libertarian resurgence with a (for lack of a better word) retarded platform built for the most uninformed of the electorate. The pardoning of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Ross Ulbricht, and Julian Assange are not even up for discussion. In fact, the majority of these so called partisan “Libertarians” do not even recognize any of these names.

The selfish and disenfranchised ideological terrorists of the LP will stop at nothing to claim that they are the only voice and arbiter on the definition of the word libertarian. The 400,000 member strong Libertarian Party is cruelly stealing the mouthpiece from the 36 million Americans that identify as libertarian, creating a farcical and fraudulent ideological replica that misportrays our views to Liberals and Conservatives. As can be demonstrated by my former colleague at AMTHIRDPARTY, Cody Quirk, they use dishonest tactics that are no different than those of the major two parties.

Gary Johnson, the LP, and Cody continue to spread lies and falsehoods such as guarantees the party will be on the ballots of all 50 states, misrepresenting CPD debate inclusion criteria, and even lying that they would be the only other 3rd party included in national polls. Its journalist outlets have now stooped to the level of becoming self-sustaining partisan mouth pieces like the Huffington Post or Fox News. The LP and its supporters shamelessly welcome the endorsements and kind words of the political establishment like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

Its vice-presidential nominee, Council on Foreign Relations member Bill Weld, is a longtime friend of the Clintons who represents everything that libertarianism stands against : a Patriot Act supporter, a private equity crony-capitalist, a gun control enthusiast, a globalist that seeks to eradicate national self-determination. Worse yet, the subservient presidential nominee Gary Johnson refers to his elder and dominant “mentor” as “the original libertarian.” Perhaps this is why John Mcafee used the words “this is a fucking farce,” to describe the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando. However, I do agree with the words of John Mcafee.

This “new and improved” establishment backed Libertarian Party is a total farce that is jeopardizing the legitimacy of libertarianism. The political establishment has capitalized on the LP’s insecurity into destroying libertarianism’s political core and revolutionary appeal in exchange for the brand recognition the Liberty Movement ALREADY HAD!

We have more United States Senators and Congressmen that identify as libertarian than I can count on one hand. We had a GOP nominee in 2012 who won 190 delegates. We’ve had polls that say a double digit percentage of Americans self-identify as libertarians. The LP is selfishly putting all of that in dire jeopardy. The LP is compromising the elections of our congressman in the GOP in a vain and foolhardy attempt to get its incompetent and weak Senate candidates like Paul Stanton and Alex Merced notoriety.

Their pandering to social justice oriented liberals is sending mixed-messages to conservative libertarians that is encouraging them to support Donald Trump. In fact, I attribute the rise of Donald Trump in part to the nomination of psuedo-libertarian beta male Gary Johnson and his establishment mentor and master Bill Weld, and their attempt to recruit millennial liberals who have no vested interest in liberty.

The LP is allowing the populist, anti-globalist message of Donald Trump to steal nationalistic young conservatives from potentially joining the libertarian cause. This should have been an amazing year for the LP ; it could have won millions of new members by extolling the traditional libertarian message of taking pride in being an American and taking pride in our Constitution, the most important libertarian document of all time. Instead, we have elected a candidate in Gary Johnson who most likely has a minimal understanding of the Bill of Rights, and Bill Weld who has no respect for them whatsoever.

Perhaps this is why Independent candidates such as Deez Nuts and The Sweet Meteor of Death are outperforming the LP ticket?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that I will be spending the next four years fighting to reclaim the libertarian narrative from the establishment and its partisan lapdogs.