Save Liberty Memes! Facebook Threatens to Shut Down Popular Libertarian Page

Americans of all political affiliations have been enraged since the FBI opted not to indict Hillary Clinton for her email scandal. Among these was the popular libertarian Facebook page, Liberty Memes. They led the charge with a wave of memes that seemingly did nothing to violate Facebook’s community standards. Yet Facebook still cracked down on the posts, and admins at Liberty Memes fear that their page is going to soon be deleted, after the following meme was removed from their page.

After the meme was deleted, one of the only remaining admins with access to the page posted the following to Liberty Memes this afternoon.

Admin #2 posted a meme of Hillary.
The meme said ‘Silly Americans, laws are for poor people.’
After 10,000 likes, 50,000 shares, and 4,000,000 views, FB took it down claiming it was in violation of community standards.
Subsequently, Admin #2 was banned for 30 days and FB automatically unpublished our page momentarily to scrub for more violations.
Admin #1 posted a screenshot of FBs removal notice, which was quickly taken down, netting him a 24 hour ban.
Only my alt account remains to tell the story.
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Please share this story to help save Liberty Memes. Liberty Memes is one of the largest libertarian Facebook pages and has spent the past three years building their audience. They have a following of more than 100,000 and help spread the message of freedom to millions each week.