Bernie Sanders Selling Out Proves He’s a One Percenter


As anyone with a basic understanding of basic history will tell you, socialism at its core involves a lowest common denominator of poor, desperate proletariat and a wealthy, despotic ruling class. Despite this observable phenomenon, thousands upon thousands are shocked following the backstabbing they endured at the hand of former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Although Sanders has not officially ended his campaign and conceded, he has all but given up challenging Hillary for her right to the throne. While it’s understandable why his fanbase is outraged, they should have seen it coming a long, long time ago.

Hillary Clinton may be corrupt, dishonest, and untrustworthy, but those are actually perfectly reasonable traits of a socialist party member to possess. A proper socialist leader wants to create a glass ceiling for everyone else to abide by, to prevent them from keeping their earnings, to stop their children from owning property, and defending themselves from threats. Hillary Clinton wants all of these things and has the connections to make it happen. Bernie Sanders wants to do all of these things, no doubt – but lacks the connections Clinton does.

Sanders instead chose to enjoy a party member’s life of luxury, including his own private security detail, millions of dollars in donations, a potential seat in the President’s cabinet, and if he’s lucky, his own private jet to cruise around the campaign with. The price? Selling out not only his fans to the Queen of Corporate Corruption, but his morals and principles as well.

Let’s get down to brass tax. Sanders and Clinton are career politicians. That’s all they’ll ever be. At the end of the day, they’re fine with that, and are willing to use the money of the poor and needy to fund their lavish lifestyles – with or without the consent of the governed.

Chris Johncox

Chris is a writer, musician, video editor, film maker, graphic artist, and co-founder of the popular libertarian Facebook network, Being Libertarian. Despite since moving on from Being Libertarian, he has written for several other websites including Liberty Hangout, The Libertarian Republic, The Liberty Conservative. He has worked in the political industry as a campaign consultant and policy director for local campaigns in the Central Valley area of California.