How Austin Petersen Could Win The White House


The Austin Petersen campaign continues to pick up steam. In the last few weeks Mr. Petersen has received increased media exposure, making appearances on ‘Louder With Crowder’, Dana Loesch’s ‘The Dana Show,’ ‘Kennedy’ on the Fox Business Network and most recently was interviewed on the ‘Glenn Beck Radio Program’ where he received enthusiastic praise from Beck himself, and is currently leading by double digits in the Libertarian Party’s latest online poll. On top of that, Austin returned to Glenn Beck’s show to announce a major endorsement that Petersen has received from conservative icon and political consultant, Mary Matalin. All of this is much needed momentum to become victorious coming out of the convention this weekend. So, despite what the mainstream media might tell you, it looks like the Libertarian Party might have itself a new front runner and a presumptive nominee in Austin Petersen. Many are predicting, myself included, that he could take the White House next year. Israel Anderson recently made a video explaining why that is possible, as well as why Petersen has such broad appeal (that you can watch above). In this, I will be breaking down the reasons why Austin Petersen could become the next President of the United States.

Understanding That The Average Voter Is An Emotional One

Clearly, it doesn’t take much substance to do well in politics, that is evident with the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. So when Israel Anderson explained the appeal that Austin will have to your everyday voter, he accurately broke it down into two groups. There are emotional voters and rational voters. 80% are in the emotional camp versus 20% who are rational. Libertarians are almost always in that 20% block, and have never been able to break it. That is not necessarily a criticism of Libertarians because there is a need for rational, thoughtful people in the movement. But very few of them know how to properly reach that 80% effectively, but Austin Petersen is one of those exceptions. It’s not that Austin doesn’t have substance, he is extremely well read and has well thought out policy positions. It’s that he knows how to work the media and sell libertarian principles to a wide audience, because it’s what he’s been doing for the past decade.

Austin Knows His Demographic And Knows How To Reach Them

It’s very clear to anyone paying attention that Austin Petersen is a master marketer. This is a skill that he has been sharpening for quite some time- from the days on the Ron Paul campaign in 2007, working as a producer alongside Judge Napolitano on Fox Business and building a popular online news magazine, ‘The Libertarian Republic,’ from the ground up. At every opportunity, the Petersen campaign has sought to capture the attention of the #NeverTrump crowd, when others would not, and has done so successfully. When Rand Paul dropped out, Austin Petersen publicly asked Paul supporters to join his campaign, and they did. When Marco Rubio dropped out, he asked Rubio supporters to join his campaign, and they did. When Ted Cruz dropped out, cementing Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee in the Republican party, Austin turned on his livestream and made his case to the Cruz supporters, which received 100,000+ views in less than a day, and they jumped on board as well.

Capturing The Youth Vote & Building A Coalition 

It is true that Bernie Sanders’ largely youthful base could go to Jill Stein if Sanders loses the Democratic race, and that Donald Trump does have a young energetic base of his own. But Austin Petersen is likely to pull those supporters away from all sides, unlike any other Presidential candidate in the Libertarian Party’s race. And for obvious reasons, Petersen is young, inspiring, holds beliefs that appeal to many groups of people, and he by far has the strongest social media presence and speaks of a political revolution. Youthful support is key to any outsider campaigns, because they will be the ones volunteering the time to do the groundwork that is necessary to win elections. Not to mention the already large base of young people in the liberty movement who are flocking to Austin’s campaign.

This Is The Moment The Libertarian Party Has Been Waiting For

For years the Libertarian Party has yearned for someone with the talent to take our principles and bring them into the mainstream. With voter outrage at an all time high, 2016 could be the year of the Libertarian Party. But this is only if we choose a presidential candidate who can run on principle and reach out to those disaffected voters, and has a proven ability to do so. That candidate is Austin Petersen. He has a grasp on the issues, and the proper libertarian solutions to go along with it. Austin also as the chops to take on Trump and Clinton on the mainstage, which has been shown nearly in every single debate throughout this entire process. By November, the world will see Austin as the political phenomenon that he is, and he could actually win the White House. All we have to do now is nominate Austin Petersen to represent the Libertarian Party in the general election.