Glenn Beck to interview presidential candidate Austin Petersen

We have been notified by Austin Petersen’s team that he will be appearing on The Blaze for an interview with Glenn Beck! Beck is one of the most outspoken conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement, and previously endorsed Ted Cruz for President. With Cruz out of the race, Beck and his followers may be looking for a new candidate to support.

Cruz had a strong adoration for the Constitution and wished to repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, restore state sovereignty, and defend our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. If Beck and his followers liked Cruz, Austin Petersen brings a much bigger package to the table by not only offering these things, but by also seeking to abolish the Federal Reserve, end the US government’s policing of the world, end the War on Drugs, end the NSA’s mass surveillance of American citizens, abolish the income tax, allow competing currencies in the market, lower barriers to trade, and end the welfare state.

Like Ted Cruz, Austin Petersen is also pro-life, and is in fact the only pro-life candidate seeking the Libertarian Party nomination. Austin believes that all lives were created equal, and that the most innocent of our society, the unborn, are entitled the same Constitutional rights we are afforded.

Earlier this year, Glenn Beck made it apparent that if Cruz was not the Republican Party’s nomination for president, he would be looking for someone else to support. After Glenn has a chat with Austin Petersen on The Blaze, he may find comfort in supporting a new candidate.

Austin’s interview with Glenn will be airing at 11am EST on Friday, May 20th on the Glenn Beck Radio Show.