5 Reasons Why Gary Johnson Shouldn’t Be The Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nominee

REASON #5 – He isn’t a libertarian and doesn’t represent the party well

This is by far the most important reason Johnson should not be the Libertarian Party’s nominee. He does hold some positions that libertarians agree with, such as auditing the Federal Reserve and reforming the war on drugs, but so does Bernie Sanders, and we all certainly agree that Sanders is no libertarian. It seems the more we hear from Gary, the less libertarian he reveals himself to be. It all started with the Stossel debate when he stated that discrimination on the basis of religion is a “black hole” and went on to affirm that a Jewish baker should be forced to bake a cake for a Nazi, which displays a gross lack of knowledge and principle in the areas of economics and property rights that no libertarian in their right mind can justify. But it only got worse from there. Johnson has since praised the EPA, stated that he supports government funding of planned parenthood and scientific research, and is advocating for a, revenue neutral, 28% national sales tax. At some point, we can’t beat around the bush anymore. Gary Johnson is simply not a libertarian. I am all for Gary being a member of the party, learning the philosophy, and changing those positions. But as of right now, he does not agree with the principles of which the party was founded upon, therefore making him unfit to represent this great party as our presidential candidate.