5 Reasons Why Gary Johnson Shouldn’t Be The Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nominee

REASON #3 – He can’t form a proper coalition

Gary doesn’t seem to be able to pull a lot of support from any voting constituencies. Johnson’s motto is “fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” which might sound pretty good to some at face value, until you actually dig a little deeper. He holds beliefs that turns off most constitutional conservatives who are in the #NeverTrump crowd. Mainly his stance on abortion, funding Planned Parenthood, discrimination as it pertains to religious liberty, and his choice for VP, William Weld (more on that later). Gary’s chances with Democratic voters is very low too. 20% of Democrats say they would vote for Trump, a majority will vote for Hillary Clinton, and those Bernie Sanders supporters already have a backup candidate in the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Which leaves Gary Johnson with maybe a very small handful of disaffected Republicans and Democrats. He could try to woo the 100 million people who chose not to vote in the election of 2012, but I make the case that those voters are still unlikely to support Johnson in large enough numbers. These are people who are fed up with the current state of American politics and would rather just stay home. The only way one could convince enough of this group to support them is by delivering an exciting, anti-establishment message. Unfortunately, Gary does not have that effect and those people would be more likely to support Donald Trump, if Johnson is the nominee, for those reasons.

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