Liberty Hangout Endorses Charles Peralo for Chairman of the Libertarian Party

My co-founder James and I are proud to announce that we are endorsing Charles Peralo for Chairman of the Libertarian Party.

As a fellow New Yorker and personal friend of Charles’, I can attest to his honorable character, astute work ethics, and commitment to liberty. He may only be in his early 20s, but his entrepreneurial spirit has already made his resume quite hefty.

Charles is a former ambassador for The Seasteading Institute, he is an investor in Bitcoin, he’s the co-founder of Streable, and is the co-founder of  He is also the founder of Pivot Foods LLC and currently holds two patents, with five more in the works. In addition to all of this, Charles is a lifelong libertarian with an esteemed commitment to spreading the message of liberty at any chance he gets.

When Charles told me he wanted to run for Chairman of the Libertarian Party, I was immediately on board. Throughout its 45 year history, the Libertarian Party has gotten virtually nowhere, and it’s time to make a change. It’s time to clean house and let young millennials, who know how to connect with today’s youths, take charge of the party. It’s time to craft a winning formula that will take the Libertarian Party to the next level, and make freedom cool again. It’s time to make a pitching change and take out the aging Bartolo Colon so that Jacob DeGrom can take the mound.

There is no man better suited for this challenge than my friend Charles Peralo. His record speaks for itself, and his business persona is just what the Libertarian Party needs in order to market itself to a larger demographic.

Charles is a man who consistently thinks outside the box. It seems like it’s every day that Charles sends me a message asking if I’d like to hear a product idea. His ability to think on his feet and understand how to improve the lives of Americans consumers is what the Libertarian Party needs, so that we can promote the message of liberty in such a way that American consumers will finally see that freedom will greatly benefit their lives.

The supply for liberty is there. We as stewards of freedom need to build the demand. This is why Liberty Hangout has chosen to endorse Charles Peralo for Chairman of the Libertarian Party.