A Libertarian Chats With a Progressive College Professor

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Dr. Dennis Kalob, a visiting professor in sociology at Manhattan College, to better gauge his philosophy as a progressive and see where Bernie supporters may have common ground with libertarians. Dr. Kalob shared his insight and informed us of his worldview, and it seems apparent that there is a good deal of common ground between our philosophies. I think Dr. Kalob is a capitalist and he just doesn’t know it!

Some of the questions I asked Dr. Kalob included:

  • Why are you supporting Bernie Sanders for President?
  • Should the government regulate free speech?
  • Should the government end the War on Drugs?
  • What does a just society look like to you?
  • Is there a such thing as an objective morality?
  • What is a right?
  • Do humans act on incentives?
  • If raising carbon taxes decreases a business’ incentive to pollute, will raising taxes on the cost of employment make people do less of this as well?
  • Is your life better when your interactions are voluntary or coerced?

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One thought on “A Libertarian Chats With a Progressive College Professor

  • July 31, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    Smart guy, but still a berniebot

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