Against domestic violence? Congrats, you’re pro-life!

The following is a piece I wrote back in October 2014


If you’re a person with any internet capabilities whatsoever or own a television, chances are you’ve seen the NO MORE ad campaign to deplore and quell domestic violence and sexual assault in the United States. I do believe this to be an honorable cause, as it’s incumbent upon us to eradicate all forms of evil. I applaud all those taking a stand against abusers. However being that this is a predominantly liberal initiative (and as we see, many liberals tend to be pro-choice), I have a few questions for you, and when you answer them you may realize you are actually pro-life. What is your call to action here? We already have a system in place to punish abusers. It’s illegal to beat your wife, and it’s illegal to rape. Not to mitigate the issue at all, but domestic violence has been on a rapid decline since the 90s, and US Department of Justice data will back that up. So here in the year 2014 where people tend to be more sensitive towards the matter and being that domestic violence and sexual abuse are already punishable by law, what is it that you want to be done? Not even No More, who is leading this initiative, can provide a coherent answer. On their website, taking action means donating to their organization and purchasing No More apparel and paraphernalia. There is no explicit motive behind their organization other than raising awareness. And so I ask you if there is an explicit motive behind your activism.

Perhaps it is because you value human life? Perhaps it is because you understand that no man or woman has the right to lay a hand on another person’s body in an aggressive manor? Perhaps it’s because you understand that anyone who violates this moral code of conduct should face justice for their actions? 

If in your head you responded to these questions with the common sense answers the majority of us would respond with, I ask you, why then do the same principles not apply to a child in the womb? Much like there should be no place safer for a woman than her own home, where she should be free of any violence or malice towards her life, there is no place safer for a child than the mother’s womb. For 9 months, it is the baby’s home. Yet in the United States, for more than 1 million babies each year, their mother’s womb is unfortunately their death bed. In Roe v. Wade 41 years ago, the United States Supreme Court referenced the 14th amendment in their ruling that no State may deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. By this ruling, the Supreme Court declared themselves the arbiters of what is and what isn’t human life, and they single handedly proclaimed that a child in the womb is property, and not life. 

Less than 200 years ago, our nation was having this same discussion about human life, except instead of abortion, the focus was African slavery. A pro-choice slavery advocate named Buckner Payne is infamously quoted as saying, “The negro is not a human being.” State and federal courts would codify time and time again that an African slaves were property of their owners, and therefore less than human beings. Even President Abraham Lincoln, whom revisionists have declared as the Great Emancipator, was an ardent racist. Lincoln once said in his first debate with Stephen Douglas in 1858, “I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is physical difference between the two which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality, and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.” Just a side note, but Lincoln was so racist in fact, that he was in the works of shipping all the African-Americans back to Africa! A “peaceful” ethnic cleansing of America, if you will.

So, how does this relate to abortion? Because much life African slavery, we are told time and time again from the mainstream media and liberal pundits that babies in the womb are not human life. We are told that these babies do not have rights, and that only their mothers have rights over them. For those who are having trouble with this very basic concept that a child has its own body, here is a very helpful info-graphic for you. It’s not your body.


So now that we’ve clarified this redeeming and oh so difficult to discern fact, that only the latest and greatest technology of the 21st century was able to resolve for us, I ask you, how absurd would it sound if someone said to you that a woman was not human life and just mere property of her husband? That her husband had full custody over her and could choose whether or not she could live? 57 million children have been aborted by their mothers, the “property owners” if you will, since the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. If 57 million women were murdered by their husbands and were justified by the claim that a man had ownership over his wife’s body, do you think you’d have a problem with that? If so, why do you have trouble applying the same principle to the 57 million children who were killed by their own mothers? 

See, when it comes to domestic violence and sexual abuse, the battle has already been won. As aforementioned, these things are illegal and we all know it to be wrong. Abortion however is not universally seen as immoral yet. Can you imagine if a man called himself a doctor when his field of practice was to murder women on a daily basis? This is the job of an abortionist, except he is the hitman killing children. These men call themselves doctors and make fortunes from blood money. 

The case against abortion is far from over, and the battle has not yet been won. This is why I’m asking you to broaden your perspective and apply your same common sense principles used in discerning the evils of domestic abuse to the case of abortion. The clock is ticking and over 3,000 babies are murdered in abortion clinics each day. You can be a voice, you can be a difference, and you can go down in history as the people that helped abolish human abortion, ending one of the cruelest genocides of our time. I ask you to invest your time and activism wisely and learn to fight the battles that still need to be won in the hearts and minds of Americans.