SCOTUS Decision on Gay Marriage is a Step Back for Liberty

So the same week that Americans were clamoring to take down the Confederate flag because slavery once existed, they are now kissing their master’s boots for giving them authorization to ask for permission to do something they could already freely do. Because nothing screams freedom like asking your master for permission to love.

Imagine this: let’s say carpenters already have the freedom to do their work without the need for a government license, whereas plumbers need a license to operate. Common sense would say the carpenter has the better end of the deal since he doesn’t need government approval for his work; he can just do it. So why in the world would the carpenter want to be more like the plumber? Why would you want to live like a slave and need the king’s permission to do something you already have the freedom of doing? If anything, the plumber should seek to be more like the carpenter and wonder why he needs government approval when the carpenter doesn’t.

This is the quandary seen today with marriage. What is the definition of marriage? That is up to the individual to decide, and no man has the right to coerce his beliefs upon other peaceful and consenting adults. The state has long required straight couples to seek government approval for their marriages, much like the plumber from the previous example.

Government is the force that invaded Iraq and mass murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. It is the force that put the Japanese in concentration camps, and the force that commit genocide against the Native Americans. It is the force that steals from 320 million people on a daily basis. It is the force that uses its enforcers to kill over 1,000 American citizens each year. It is the force that murders thousands of innocent Middle Eastern children in drone strikes each year. It is the force that tortures prisoners at Guantanamo Bay that have not even been charged with a crime. It is the force that will lock you in a cage for consuming marijuana, and the force that doesn’t even let you open a lemonade stand or feed the homeless. Yet we cheer when this violent, oppressive force gives us permission to do something we already had the freedom to do?

Instead of cheering this Supreme Court ruling, Americans should instead be asking, why do I need the king’s approval to love someone? Why do I need a violent master to grant me permission to enter into voluntary contracts with other consenting adults? Why can’t I simply enter that voluntary contract without the threat of violence?

Nevertheless, the masses will champion this decision because gay couples will now be granted tax benefits by the king just like straight couples. This begs another question: if I’m going to marry someone, shouldn’t it be for the mutual love and desire to care for one another? It also begs asking, what are taxes and why am I forced to pay them? I own my body and therefore I own the fruits of my labor and my trade. The forceful confiscation of my property is theft, and therefore taxes are theft. Why should I seek permission from an entity that steals from me on a daily basis?

Straight couples ought to also start asking, why have I put up with this game for so long? Why do I need to also marry the violent state when I am marrying my spouse? If I don’t need a license from the state to enter into voluntary contracts with friends and clients, then why do I need the master’s permission to enter into a contract with the person I love most?

This is not a straight vs. gay problem, nor a Christian vs. atheist problem. The problem is the state vs. you. Those in power are throwing you a bone here by painting a false perception that you are freer today than you were yesterday. They need the blind approval of the masses so they can get away with egregious usurpations of power. While we were all distracted by this ruling, we turned a blind eye to the passage of the deplorable Trans-Pacific Partnership bill, which we will be writing more about in the coming days.

If you pleaded for the Confederate flag to be taken down earlier this week because of slavery, then you should ignore this ruling for the very same reason. Stop living like a slave and seeking the master’s permission to live as you wish. If you still need to ask your master for permission, you are not free. What we need is not a government that legalizes same sex marriage, but rather people who no longer seek government’s permission. You were born free. Start living that way.